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CAF President – Moving Around the World

CAF President Tom Regan gave lectures at Gotherberg and Stockholm Universities to mark the release of the Swedish translation of his book, Empty Cages. In addition, he presented lectures in Rome, Bologna, and Milan to mark the release of the second edition of the Italian translation of the same book, which has also been translated into Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. Earlier he presented a lecture at the Law School, University of Montreal, and two lectures based on Empty Cages, one at the American Hellenic Center, Athens, Greece and a second at St. Thomas University, New Brunswick, Canada. While in Athens, he received an award for outstanding contributions to ecology, and while in Italy he received an award for outstanding contributions to animal rights. In the November-December issue of Utne Reader, the acclaimed zine covering alternative journalism, Tom was described as “the philosophical leader of the animal rights movement” and was named one of “50 Visionaries who are changing your World.” See




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