CAF Welcomes Its 2021 Navab Fellows

CAF has partnered with the Navab Fellowship Program that connects Columbia undergraduate students with paid summer internships. We welcome our 2021 research associates Makenna Cherry and Mary Qiu—both Navab fellows and second-years studying at Columbia College of Columbia University. Together, they manage correspondence with grantees, update CAF’s website, maintain CAF social media across platforms, and write pitch decks for potential donors.

They joined CAF because they are drawn to CAF’s focus on supporting and uplifting artists’ work in the animal rights movement. “I chose Culture & Animals Foundation because of its unique intersection of animal rights and culture,” Makenna said. “CAF not only advocates for animals but enriches the art world by supporting the artists that dedicate their lives to them.” They are excited to be part of CAF’s celebration of artistic and scholarly works that help transform the cultural narrative surrounding human-animal dynamics and encourage people to interrogate their own relationship with animals.

They are grateful for this opportunity to work with CAF, which has helped them grow and expand their skill set. Makenna added, “I’ve learned so much at CAF in such a short time, and I hope to use the research, writing, and interpersonal skills I’ve gained to better myself academically and hopefully explore more avenues in the non-profit sector.” Beyond these skills, their exposure to animal rights issues has also prompted them to think more deeply about what it means to interact with animals in a compassionate and respectful way. “My work has not only helped me develop practical skills, such as writing pitch decks, but also it has prompted me to reflect on my personal relationship with animals,” Mary said. “Learning and experiencing the works of scholars and artists has encouraged me to contemplate my personal ethics towards animals, which will carry beyond this fellowship and to the rest of my life.”

We warmly welcome our new associates and look forward to their work at CAF!