Meet Our New Navab Fellow: Victoria Reshetnikov

Victoria Reshetnikov

Since 2020, CAF has been working with students from Columbia College’s Navab Fellowship Program. The program enables students interested in a career in the non-profit sector to gain work experience and learn the opportunities and challenges presented by a small arts organization. In 2022, our fellow is artist Victoria Reshetnikov. Victoria compiled and edited the videos of 2022 Nancy Regan Arts Prize awardee, Sue Coe.

Victoria writes: “I was drawn to the mission of Culture & Animals because of its focus on the missions and projects of individual artists. By facilitating the voices of individual creatives and organizations, Culture & Animals gives a way to a nuanced group of people that address animal rights, climate change, and other increasingly pressing issues.” Victoria continues: “I hope to deepen my understanding of not-for-profit work and further develop my communication and research skills while working as a fellow. I am most excited to interact and work with the grantees Culture & Animals supports, and look forward to helping Culture & Animals serve artists and their missions.” To see Victoria’s art, visit her website.