Allison Argo

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Allison Argo, founder of Argo Films, is a producer, writer, and award-winning documentary filmmaker who has been creating films for over twenty-five years. CAF awarded Allison a grant for four rotoscope animated sequences (see outlines below) for her film Forever Home, which follows a young couple, one of whom is an architect, as they set out to design the best possible home for a herd of cows whom a pair of Oklahoma farmers, Dan and Lill Peterson, don’t want to send to slaughter but whom they’re too old to care for. At the refuge the couple create, Paul the architect bases his designs on the needs of the individual animals, replacing conventional barns with customized homes. As with her evocative previous film on farmed animals, The Last Pig, Allison treats the farmers with empathy as they arrive at their decision to relinquish their former way of life, and send their animals to sanctuary. As in The Last Pig, Allison centers her vision on the lived realities and needs of the farmed animals themselves. Allison’s photo of herself with Cliff is courtesy of Tracy Stabile. Allison lives in Massachusetts. Allison was interviewed on the Our Hen House podcast (April 16, 2016). Listen to it here.