Other Programs

In addition to providing grants, CAF funds inventive academic and artistic projects through a fellowship program at North Carolina State University, and an internship program at CAF itself. We also support a lecture series, an arts prize, and a festival. We seek when possible to work collaboratively with universities and other like-minded organizations. Our aim is to draw more attention to the initiatives we already have in place and to deepen their impact.

“The foundation Tom and Nancy created looked to support people taking risks, and I am thankful that this included me.”—Carol J. Adams, CAF grantee in 1988 for The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory



“Through Culture & Animals Foundation, I was able to turn my dissertation research into a vegan advocacy book.”—Carrie Packwood Freeman, CAF grantee, author of The Human Animal Earthling Identity: Common Values Unifying Human Rights, Animal Rights, and Environmentalism



“CAF gives people confidence, hope, and recognition, and it trusts them to use those things in the best interest of animals.”—Steve Baker, CAF grantee, artist, scholar, and author of Picturing the Beast