Our Grants

The Culture & Animals Foundation (CAF) provides annual grants to scholars and artists using their intellect, creativity, and compassion to build a deeper understanding of human–animal relationships and a greater respect for animal rights. Academic and artistic projects will be considered in three categories:

  • Research: Scholarly projects about animal advocacy and its cultural roots and impact;
  • Creativity: Original work by artists and thinkers that expresses positive concern for animals.
  • Performance: Public performances and exhibitions, including the products of our research and creative grants, to raise awareness of animal advocacy.

For FAQs on how to apply and the criteria by which we judge grants, click here. For profiles on recent grantees, click here. To apply, click here.

Jane O'Hara“I agree with the concept of supporting the arts as a vehicle for social change and animal advocacy and CAF’s belief in this is a huge service to our world.”—Jane O’Hara, artist and CAF grantee




“The grant has helped me to increase the visibility of the project and to find new contacts. Also it has endowed my project with credibility. I feel that this project has just started, and the best is yet to come!”— María Ruiz Carreras, CAF grantee



“The CAF grant helped me to think more carefully about what I want to say about the relationships between activists and animals and re-envision these existent relations in different terms and concepts. I was able to develop questions that I had mulled over for some time into descriptions of a difficult and often overlooked reality of the pathos of activist-life and the animal-life that suffuses them and gives them their meaning.”—Susan Haris, CAF grantee