Susan Haris


Susan Haris is a Doctoral Research Scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. She received a grant for “‘Storied Worlds’: Activism and Community in Urban India.” This project focuses on theorizing multispecies communities as those which comprise both humans and nonhumans to argue that the various existing zoopolitical configurations of human-animal relationality that arise in different settings are key to reframing the question of the animal in the Anthropocene. She’ll be conducting interviews with activists and will also be observing them to see their interactions with animals. She writes:

I suggest that activists relate to animals in a variety of ways: they share, interpret and witness the lives of animals. This project explores the heterogenous modality of relations by documenting their deeply relational perspectives that are nevertheless shaped by both material and affective conditions. These narratives could augment what Deborah Rose calls the “storied worlds” of non-human life and allow us to witness human-animal interactions even as animals are in a state of “perpetual vanishing.”