Application Checklist

CAF accepts proposals from December 1 to January 31 of each year.

Applications must be received by January 31.

Applications should be submitted in English.

Applications with supplemental materials should not exceed 20 MB file size.

Application files must be submitted in PDF format. Please use this format for naming files: first initial, last name, and number of document; eg JDoe1, JDoe2, JDoe3.

Please be ready to include the following in the online application form: a resume or curriculum vitae, complete budget information (as specific as possible), and two letters of support, along with a brief bio of the person submitting the letter on your behalf.

For your project, please be ready to include the following information in the online application form:

  1. A project summary
  2. Which of the three programs (creativity, research, or performance) your project fits under
  3. The mission or purpose of your project
  4. A definition of the need your project intends to meet
  5. The targeted population(s) for your project
  6. Expected results
  7. Timetable for your project and implementation plan
  8. How you will evaluate the success of your project
  9. Information on the success of this project or program in the past
  10. Budget overview
  11. Optional: Links to your website and social media

Note: Please code the various sections of the fill-in form as follows: A project summary (1000 characters); The mission or purpose of your project (1500 characters); A definition of the need your project intends to meet (1500 characters); the targeted population(s) for your project (1500 characters); Expected results (1500 characters); Timetable for your project and implementation plan (1500 characters); How will you evaluate the success of your project (1500 characters).

You may, but are not required, to include up to three pieces of supporting material you believe will strengthen your application. For example: excerpts from scholarly articles, performance reviews, or images of original artwork. Applicants may also provide up to three links to their work on their or other websites.

Application Guidelines

  • CAF only awards grants for projects. CAF does not provide ongoing budgetary support for organizations or individuals.
  • CAF can provide support for salaries to complete applicant’s projects.
  • Grant amounts range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
  • On average, fewer than 20 grants are awarded annually.
  • CAF does not fund:
    • “hands-on” projects, including animal rescue, public protest or trap-neuter-release programs;
    • species conservation projects, unless they include a commitment to animal rights and aspects of creativity, performance, or research;
    • projects that consist entirely of attending or speaking at a conference or conferences;
    • book production (CAF does support research and writing);
    • indirect costs: no portion of a CAF grant may be used for “administrative costs,” “overhead,” or any other form of indirect cost.
  • CAF does provide grants for documentary films and videos, but given the costs associated with both, applicants should show they have raised most of the money in advance of applying to CAF.
  • CAF does not accept grant applications for multiple projects.
  • Applicants are encouraged to develop a timeline for project completion and a budget that they can meet.
  • Applicants are encouraged to seek additional sources of funding for their projects, if the project’s budgets require this.
  • Applicants will be notified upon receipt of their complete applications.
  • Applicants will be notified of whether their application has been successful or not by early April.
  • You can find a PDF version of the application form here. Please only submit applications through the online form.
  • You can find other frequently asked questions here.

Culture & Animals Foundation Grant Application

Sorry. We're not accepting grant applications at this time. Applications will be received between December 1 and January 31.