Amy Jones and Paul Healey

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Amy Jones, who formerly worked in digital production for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and Paul Healey, who worked as a Corporate Projects Coordinator for PETA, received a multi-year joint grant to curate digital free-to-use images of animals with the aim of raising awareness about their plight. Their project, Moving Animals, contains a huge number of photos from their travels in various countries.

Since launching Moving Animals in June 2018, Amy and Paul’s work has been featured in over 150 different media outlets globally, including The Guardian, The Independent (UK), and Channel News Asia. On social media they have been seen by over fifteen million individuals. Their work has also been used for various campaigns, including one from PETA to spread awareness of the wildlife tourism trade, and the Animals For Asia coalition to appeal to the Cambodian government to implement animal welfare laws across the country. The complete collection of their photographs is available at, and you can read an interview with them here.

In 2019, photos by Amy, Paul, and by Jo-Anne McArthur accompanied two stories in The Guardian‘s Animals Farmed series about pig slaughterhouses. Working with reporter Kate Hodal, Jo-Anne’s piece, “Death by clubbing: the brutality of Thailand’s pig slaughterhouses” looks at the practices of slaughterhouses in Thailand from start to finish and the harm that comes to these animals, despite regulations in place for them not to suffer. Amy and Paul’s piece, “Secret slaughterhouse video reveals brutal treatment of pigs in Cambodia” shows the lack of welfare practices in Cambodia and often at many other smaller operations. You can read their thoughts about this work here.

Amy’s photographs were included in Hidden: Animals in the Anthropocene, edited by Jo-Anne McArthur and Keith Wilson.