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Animalesque is a group dedicated to knowledge production about the potential of architectural design as a stimulus for biodiversity and is made up of Jorge Godoy Roman, Ana Zatezalo Schenk, Sjoerd Krijnen, and Florentin Steininger. They received a grant for “Encountermeasures.” They will be making a structure for the coexistence of humans and animals in Berlin. They write:

From the times when humans moved around as nomads to gather seeds, fruits and plants, with animals living alongside, to the current mass production of meat to feed the human population: humans have developed various interactions and relationships with fellow animals, ranging from practical to economical to mythical. These inherited relationships have been shifting in time and setting; the context of climate, geography, and culture. Since the agricultural revolution, and later the eras of industrialization, urbanism, and globalization, our relationship towards animals has become more and more exploitative.