Annie Schultz

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Annie Schultz is a doctoral candidate in the School of Education at Loyola University, Chicago, specializing in the philosophy of education. She received a grant for “Education of the Eye: Nature as Art Toward an Ecoaesthetic,” which examines aesthetic and art education’s relationship to ecology and how aesthetics can inform a moral relationship to nonhuman others and the natural environment. Little work has thoroughly examined the relationship between aesthetics and education for ecological awareness. As a result, non-human others and the natural environment are not epistemically positioned as agents of value. Annie writes,

My project remedies this gap by examining the role that aesthetics broadly and beauty in particular have to play in ecological consciousness. I argue that when the natural environment is viewed as art—through an aesthetic lens—this begets a moral attitude toward the non-human world and natural environment. I argue, though, that the cultivation of an ecoaesthetic sensibility is more than just learning to find nature beautiful; it involves a transformation of our conception of the beautiful through imagining human and nonhuman design as co-contributing and reciprocal.