Benjamin Hunt

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Benjamin Hunt is a performance artist who explores our relationship with non-human animals and uses probe performance as a tool to bring about positive change in the social justice movement. He received a grant for “The Plague Dogs,” a shadow-puppet show based on Richard Adams’ novel of the same name, about two dogs who escape a laboratory, and navigate toward liberation while being pursued by humans and their traumatic memories. The puppet show will be performed in primary and secondary schools in the U.K., alongside a puppetry workshop that explores and actualizes suffering of animals under human use, via the craft of puppeteering. Benjamin writes that children will receive,

an understanding and appreciation of a sentient being, and what actions we (as humans) can take to minimize their suffering. [The show] will look to shift a cultural passivity to animal objectification to an active opposition to these practices, by appealing to a captivated audience of children: the future culture-setters.