Elizabeth Tavella & Eva Spiegelhofer

Creativity, 2023, Grantee Link >

CAF gave Elizabeth Tavella (left) and Eva Spiegelhofer a grant for “Animated Wor(l)ds: Language and Relationality for Multispecies Kinship,” a multimedia born-digital project that brings together thirty scholars, poets, artists and activists from around the world. They write: “We embrace the semiotic dimensions of relationality and its potential to foster animal liberation and ways of coexisting more justly with other animals and lifeforms. Grounded in vegan and non-extractive ethics of multispecies research, we offer a toolkit for restoring interspecies relationships through experimental, speculative, and creative practices.” Elizabeth holds a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of Chicago, and is a postdoctoral scholar in the Humanities Division. Eva is on the faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna, where she coordinates the activities of the Vienna Anthropocene Network.