Emily Stone

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CAF awarded sociologist Emily Stone a grant for her pilot research project, “Vets in Ethical Approaches to Companion Animal Diets.” The project explored the practices and perceptions of veterinary professionals in the United Kingdom towards plant-based pet foods and ethical consumption. The overall aim of the project was to produce insights that could be used to encourage more ethical stances towards companion animal diets both within the veterinary profession, as well as by companion animal guardians.

As part of her project, Emily set up a website to showcase the research, for an ongoing blog, and to recruit interviewees for her project, and undertook a thematic literature review on attitudes toward plant-based diets in the veterinary industry. She conducted interviews with 20 veterinary professionals, attended the London Vet Show in November 2023 (where she met with more veterinary professionals), and is currently preparing to present her preliminary findings at the Anthrozoology Residential conference at the University of Exeter in April 2024.