Forest McClymonds

Creativity, 2023, Grantee Link >

CAF has awarded Forest McClymonds (depicted in the photograph with Merlin) a grant for the short documentary film, Coming Closer: The Road to Sanctuary (working title). The film shares the following story: Inspired to rescue a discarded calf from a “livestock” auction in an attempt to rectify her previous support of the dairy industry, Meika connects with a local dairy farmer and forms an unexpected agreement that ultimately liberates twenty male calves from fates at the slaughterhouse and instead brings them to sanctuaries across the Pacific Northwest (USA) via a newly erected, grassroots network of activists. Through this film, Forest hopes to expose more people to the violence of the dairy industry, which depends on calves being removed from their lactating mothers, and enhancing the empathy in the viewer so they’ll re-examine their attitude toward dairy and the industry that supports its production.

Forest received a Certificate in Photography and a Certificate in Video and Film Production from the University of Washington. Forest’s website can be found at:  Forest divides their time between Washington State and Watkins Glen, New York, the home of Farm Sanctuary, where they work.