Fundación Derecho y Defensa Animal

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Fundación Derecho y Defensa Animal received a grant to analyze whether and how the protection of non-human animals was being conceptualized within the discussion regarding the revision to Chile’s constitution in 2021. (You can read more at Observatorio Constitucional Animal.) The aim was to offer useful input for animal rights organizations that were pursuing similar initiatives in their own countries.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the discussion and drafting of the new constitution was delayed, and then, following its introduction, in September 2022, that constitution was rejected by 62 percent of the population. In May 2023, after further elections, a new set of advisers were chosen to draft a new constitution, which, given the political leanings of this new slate of electees, is likely to be much less progressive than the rejected constitution.

On May 25, 2023, Fundación Derecho y Defensa Animal joined with many other animal advocacy organizations in an open letter calling for significant protections for animals in the Chilean constitution, focusing on Chapter XIII, Article 16, which states: “It is the duty of the State to give special protection to animals.”

Fundación Derecho y Defensa Animal has published A Compilation of International Legislation, which gathers existing animal rights legislation across the world and provides a compact and legible resource for existing animal rights initiatives.