James & Thomas Pickering

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Thomas and James Pickering are UK-based, award-winning filmmakers. Their newest project, for which CAF gave a grant, is a feature-length documentary: I Could Never Go Vegan, directed by Thomas. (See the trailer here.) As the title suggests, this statement has been made by many a meat-eater and heard by many a vegan. The documentary aims to explore why people are reluctant to change and why even the most hardcore omnivore can find themselves adopting a plant-based diet. Featuring interviews with leading medical doctors, athletes, psychologists, animal rights activists, and vegans from all walks of life, I Could Never Go Vegan will address how soon-to-be, newly minted, and long-time vegans can respond to critiques about veganism as a viable and healthy lifestyle. This grant was made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor. Thomas and James both operate out of Sheffield in the U.K.

September 2023: 

Thomas and James have finished their documentary, I Could Never Go Vegan, and will be announcing where the film is set to have its world premiere. By the end of 2023, they hope to announce how people in the UK, North America, and beyond can watch the film.