Jes Hooper

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Jes Hooper is the founder of The Civet Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of civets used in coffee production. CAF awarded a grant to Jes to: enable her to secure partnerships between Indonesian and Vietnamese NGOs and academics from Vietnamese universities; film Civet Selfies, a 30-minute documentary on the civet trade; and develop a network to tackle the conservation, welfare, and human health impacts of the civet trade.

Jes was interviewed on the Knowing Animals podcast and in turn interviewed Jane Goodall for the documentary. Please check out The Civet Project on Instagram @thecivetproject.

Jes is a Ph.D. candidate in Anthrozoology at the University of Exeter in England, and has co-authored several research papers about the impacts of tourism on animals. She lives in Lewes, England.