Jes Hooper

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Jes Hooper is the founder of The Civet Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of civets used in coffee production. It is estimated that civet coffee’s global worth will reach $10 billion by 2030, achieved via mass caged production of wild civets. Despite significant animal welfare impact, civet coffee tourism in Asia is promoted on TripAdvisor and civets are largely absent from NGO animal welfare campaigns. With CAF’s grant, Jes is planning to produce Civet Selfies, a documentary film about civet coffee tourism, with the ultimate goal to eliminate civet tourism from platforms like TripAdvisor. Jes is a Ph.D. candidate in Anthrozoology at the University of Exeter in England, and has co-authored several research papers about the impacts of tourism on animals. Jes talked about her work on behalf of civets in this episode of the Knowing Animals podcast. Jes lives in Lewes, England.

Jes was interviewed on the Knowing Animals podcast (November 14, 2022). Listen to it here. Additionally, Jes interviewed Jane Goodall about the conservation, animal welfare, and human health risks posed by the dangerously destructive industry of civet farming for the upcoming documentary Civet Selfies. Please check out The Civet Project on Instagram @thecivetproject.