Jusep Moreno

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Jusep Moreno is a filmmaker who received a 2022 grant for his documentary film, When Pigs Escape, and a grant in 2023 for Correbous (now retitled Sí als bous, “Yes to bulls”).

When Pigs Escape is about Matilda, who escapes from a farm to give birth to ten piglets in a nearby woodland. Instead of being returned to the farm, animal rights activists and members of the public save Matilda and her babies and they are sent to sanctuaries. The documentary focuses on the pig family’s new life after being rescued, inviting us to reconsider how we relate to these and other animals farmed for food. When Pigs Escape continues to be shown in festivals, having received a recognition award from IndieFEST, Impact Docs, and S.O.F.A. Tails. It was an official selection at the International Vegan Film Festival, Cardiff International Film Festival, International Social Change Film Festival, and Stockholm City Film Festival.

Sí als bous focuses on Catalunya, in Spain, where even though the corrida is banned, correbous, which involves the exploitation of bulls, are still legal and occur over five hundred times a year. Jusep has finished filming and has launched a website: https://www.sialsbous.cat. (The “teaser” to the film is here.) The launch is timely, since the Catalan parliament has approved a debate to modify animal protection laws to ban the most violent types of correbous, which Jusep filmed in the documentary. The first documentary of its kind, Sí als bous is being submitted, like When Pigs Escape, to film festivals throughout Europe.