Kaduma Ni Karol

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Kaduma Ni Karol is a contemporary Indigenous people (IP) musical band based in Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao. Members of the band have been advocating the protection of culture and animals through their songs and music videos. They received a grant for “Hari Nu Pusilan (Don’t Shoot!),” which uses music, video, and performance to raise awareness to change the mindset and behavior among the audience to stop and/or report gun owners who shoot down birds. They write:

The result is at least 100,000 views of the music video and concert within Bukidnon and surrounding areas, a “Don’t shoot the birds” original music and video, online open-to-the-public copy of the online concert, and an initial artists for animals and nature collective. They played with other artists like Bae Noreta Indagnay Gabao and the Manobo musicians, Jean Paul Zialcita, Grupong Laya, and Plus Sabana Band.