Kaduma Ni Karol

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Kaduma Ni Karol is a contemporary Indigenous (IP) band based in Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, who’ve been advocating for the protection of culture and animals through their songs and music videos. Kaduma Ni Karol received a grant for “Hari Nu Pusilan (Don’t Shoot!),” which uses music, video, and performance to change the mindset and behavior among their audience to stop and/or report gun owners who shoot down hawks and eagles (banog).

In addition to producing the music video, Kaduma performed the song in Bukidnon province, in Cagayan de Oro City, and other parts of Mindanao and the Philippines. The band organized a competition for video shorts using their original compositions on the banog and gave out prizes for the winners and entrants. You can watch these video shorts here, here, here, here, and here.

Kaduma ni Karol also created a new, original composition called “Hari Nug Pusila” (“Don’t Shoot” in Higaonon), along with a music video that includes both stock and original footage (taken by the band) of  banog in Bukidnon. The band performed their work, including at a concert for the entire community of the Tigwahanon-Manobo Indigenous population.

Although many people were supportive of Kaduma’s work, including the regional ministry of tourism, the band’s efforts proved controversial: “We drew the ire of some when we decided to include the call to end the proliferation of small arms. We know that those who have illegal guns are mostly ones also shooting at wildlife.” In reflecting on their grant, Kaduma says: “We saw how culture plays an immense part in protecting animals and the environment, and how the proliferation of guns and small arms endanger both animals and ordinary people, especially women and girls from low-income and marginalized communities.”

As of 2024, Kaduma ni Karol is writing songs for an album on  environmental and animal protection. They are working closely with Lalang Hu Mga Laga, an organization of Indigenous and rural women, who are focusing on animal rights activities within the framework of women promoting the protection of the environment and their livelihood. The group also plans to venture into promoting vegetables instead of animals for their regular diet.

Kaduma Ni Karol shares the goal of changing cultural perceptions toward birds of prey with Namita Kandel, a 2023 grantee from Nepal. Through theatrical performances, Namita and her community challenge vultures‘ negative reputation and highlight the crucial role the scavengers play in the environment.