Kay Stepkin

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CAF awarded a grant to Kay Stepkin for a video outreach project on behalf of The Vegan Museum, which Kay founded in 2017. The videos will provide a digital record of the museum’s events, allowing the museum to reach (and influence) more people. Kay believes that knowing the history of vegetarianism and veganism is essential to understanding the movements as a whole, and The Vegan Museum aims to promote a better future for humans and non-humans alike. A long-time animal activist, Kay founded The Bread Shop, Chicago’s first modern-day vegetarian restaurant, and was instrumental in the establishment of the fabled Chicago Diner. She was the “The Veggie Cook” columnist for the Chicago Tribune for more than four years.

In August, Kay will display the Vegan Museum at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, a gathering for thousands of religious and spiritual leaders who will come together with the shared aim of creating a just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

October 2023 Update:

Kay is continuing to record and edit monthly events at each of The Vegan Museum’s venues. Kay is in the process of completing one photographic tour of the museum and four talks that focus on the relationship between the vegan movement and human health, animals, and spiritual connections.