Motlatsi Khosi, Kala Bopape, and Rainer Ebert

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South African philosophers Motlatsi Khosi (left), Kala Bopape (center) and Rainer Ebert (right) have been awarded a CAF grant for an inclusive online conference for students and early career practitioners to explore the complex relationship between humans and other animals. The conference, which will take place in December 2024, will create a space for voices that are often excluded in animal ethics, especially from the Global South. They write:

The lack of representation of local ideas and ideas from those not formally within academia impoverishes the conversation and robs us all from benefiting from fresh thoughts and diverse perspectives. The conference seeks to bridge the gap between academia and the lived reality of students around the world as well as those outside of the university walls. Presenters will be teamed with a mentor who will assist them in making sense of relevant philosophical ideas and help them prepare for the conference, including through pre-conference workshops.

Overall, Motlatsi, Kala, and Rainer hope to start a much-needed conversation about the human-animal relationship outside the narrow confines of Western academic philosophy. To submit an abstract for the conference, click here (deadline: July 31, 2024).

This grant was made possible with the support of the Animals & Society Institute.

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