Lisa Korpos

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Lisa Korpos is an interdisciplinary artist who investigates non-human perception, embodiment, and the aesthetics of vulnerability. She received a grant for “The Community Bee Clinic,” which is a radical veterinary practice, hybrid art-science project, and recurring interactive installation. Visitors learn how to become volunteer caregivers for ailing pollinators, treating common insect-health emergencies, such as malnourishment and hypothermia. She writes that the clinic

aims to create more visibility for the ongoing crises of pollinator decline and insect biodiversity loss. There is a need for sustained public engagement on the issue of insect biodiversity loss. However, this is a loss that is largely invisible to us as humans. My project attempts to bring more visibility to the scale and significance of this loss. The project also functions to document, highlight, and narrativize the struggles of the insects themselves through creative media representations and storytelling. Such stories train people to pay attention to scales of life that we do not ordinarily notice—a starting point for generating more advocacy and moral consideration toward these insects.