Marcia Govinda Gladys Condoy Truyenque

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CAF awarded Marcia Govinda Gladys Condoy Truyenque a grant for “Paving Way for Animal Law in Peru,” an online course composed of twelve thirty-minute videos (uploaded to YouTube and Derecho Animal en Peru) as well as reading materials that provide a comprehensive introduction to the development of animal law in Marcia’s native Peru. In producing the course—will examine rights theory, constitutional law, criminal law, wildlife, fisheries, and emerging topics among other subject areas—Marcia hopes to galvanize students, educators, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, administrators, and anyone with any interest in animal law to join her in fostering what has been, until very recently, an unknown or untouched subject in Peru.

An associate attorney, Marcia graduated with honors with a law degree from Lewis & Clark College Law School in 2022, with a concentration in labor law, and constitutional law, international human rights law, and animal law. She is also the founder of Ayllu Vegano, which advocates for animal rights and veganism in Cusco City (where she lives) and the south of Peru, with a special awareness of Indigenous cultures and understandings of animal rights. Marcia also led a chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless in Cusco and has participated in the Animal Save Movement and Animal Libre, among other groups.