Mark Mathew Braunstein

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Mark Mathew Braunstein, author of five books on the subjects of vegetarianism, art, and gardening, received a grant for the production of a 30-minute narrated hi-res video of his collection of more than 120 images of European and American art called “Vegan Vegetarianism in Art (or, Meat in Art).” Mark received a CAF grant in 1990 and presented an early slideshow version of the proposed video at the 1992 CAF Festival in Raleigh, NC. This update is now available online. He writes:

Ever since prehistoric drawings on cave walls, art has been rich with imagery of animals. While most Western artworks depict cutesy storybook animals, some unwittingly portray our human exploitation of them. Drawn primarily from major icons of European and American painting, the images portray factory farming, dairy farming, animal husbandry, hunting, but end optimistically with The Ark.