Nadja Lubiw-Hazard

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Nadja Lubiw-Hazard has a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Guelph and a Post Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from the Humber School for Writers. A long-time vegan, Nadja’s work often features themes of the natural world. CAF awarded Nadja a grant to produce a polished draft for a children’s book, Fifteen Ways to Love a Mink. The story tackles the issue of the factory farming of mink for their fur, a subject rarely addressed in children’s literature. Nadja’s work has been published in Room, The Fiddlehead, Understorey, Canthius, The Dalhousie Review, and The New Quarterly. Her novel, The Nap-Away Motel, was published by Palimpsest Press in May 2019. Nadja lives in Toronto, Canada.

As a result of her grant, Nadja finished her final draft of Fifteen Ways to Love a Mink and in December 2023 placed the manuscript with Red Deer Press, a Canadian independent publisher, for publication in Fall 2024.