Nhatt Nichols

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Nhatt Nichols is a graphic journalist and cartoonist. She received a grant for “The Bison of Białowieża Forest.” European bison have faced extermination for 300 years and have survived due to conservation from the humans that threatened them. European bison primarily live in Poland’s Białowieża Forest, the largest primeval forest in Europe. Their population was brought down to only nine during World War I, but, after the war, a breeding program saved them from extinction. Their offspring now roam in Białowieża and are again threatened by humanity. Nhatt will be going to Poland to meet the activists working to protect them and the forest in September and to create a series of narrative paintings for the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum and a book of graphic journalism. Nhatt writes,

The exhibition and book that my research will culminate in won’t just be a historical perspective. It will also include what biologists, activists, and environmentalists believe needs to happen to create a non-hostile environment for our future. By laying out the historical success and failures in human–bison relationships and speaking with people focused on their future, I’ll be able to create a hopeful road map for animal activists in other places who are worrying about similar crises.