Patrick Lopez Jaimes

Creativity, 2023, Grantee Link >

CAF awarded a grant to architect and photographer Patrick Lopez Jaimes for his project, “Irei/following.” Focusing on a few specific farmed animals, Patrick will follow and photograph these beings for several days, gaining a sense of their personality and character traits. Through this series of intimate and revealing portraits of individuals, Patrick hopes to concentrate the gaze on animals who are so often rendered invisible or regarded as having no value within our society. Closely linked to his training as an architect, Patrick’s work, generated out of DOS Estudio, focuses on the exploration of power, control, and dominance, and the dichotomy between nature and artifice. Patrick lives in Puebla, Mexico.

September 2023 Update 

From May to July, Patrick photographed residents of two animal sanctuaries in central Mexico. His portraits of Ferdinand, a young bull rescued from an industrial farm, have been selected to be displayed at the Puebla de los Angeles art biennale in October. Patrick’s first series of portraits from “Irei/following” of cow M have been selected for the XX Photography Biennale in Mexico.