Selene Magnolia

Creativity, 2023, Grantee Link >

Selene Magnolia is a freelance documentary photographer based in Berlin, whose lens has captured the plight and criminalization of migrants, the threat of trawler fishing and intensive fish farming, and the resilience and resistance of marginalized communities. CAF gave Selene a grant to extend the scope of her ongoing photographic project, “Long Shadow,” in which she reveals the damage to human health and wellbeing that factory farming causes, and how Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) form the common thread that binds the many varied and different problems that communities, both human and nonhuman, face. Among her wide-ranging photojournalist assignments, Selene has worked with We Animals Media, documenting the plight of animals in the human environment. You can read We Animals Media’s interview with Selene here. Selene works out of Berlin, Germany.