Siobhan O’Sullivan

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Siobhan O’Sullivan is an Australian political scientist and theorist, and the author of several books, who teaches at the University of New South Wales. She received a grant to establish the pro-animal podcasting network, iROAR, a network for podcasts that carry a strongly pro-animal, animal protection message. The network now includes some of the world’s biggest animal-focused podcasts including, CAF grantees Our Hen House, Paw & Order, Knowing Animals (Siobhan’s own podcast), The Animal Law Podcast, Go Vegan Radio, Freedom of Species, and Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan Podcast. Siobhan writes:

We know that people learn about podcasts via other podcasts. For me it’s a privilege to have my Knowing Animals podcast associated with the other great podcasts in the network. I hope that my listeners start enjoying the other network members’ podcasts, and vice versa.

The network makes it easier for podcast listeners to find and enjoy animal-protection podcasts and helps podcasters and more effectively spread an animal protection message. iROAR now consists of twelve members from Canada to New Zealand. The network is constantly looking for new members to join, with great opportunities for cross-promotion and collaboration.