SOS Animal Portugal

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SOS Animal Portugal is a nonprofit whose mission is to protect and defend all animals and their habitat, through the sharing of information that encourages compassion and respect and understanding of human beings towards all species. They received a grant for “‘SOS Planeta’ TV & Social Media episodes,” an educational program in which each episode will approach a different environmental issue and its impact on the inhabitants we share Earth with (e.g., mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects). Each program will end by providing viewers with practical information on how they can help mitigate the problem and contribute towards our goal of a sustainable world where all species can thrive. SOS Animal Portugal writes:

Our project intends to make up for the lack of environmental and animal rights education that is broadcast on national TV and shared on social media in Portuguese and related to environmental and animal rights issues affecting Portugal specifically. The climate disaster is a popular topic that is discussed on the national news; however, viewers are often left feeling helpless as there are no suggestions given on how humans can effectively make a positive difference (e.g., following a plant-based lifestyle). SOS Animal is an organization that promotes veganism and animal rights and will not shy away from exposing the interconnectedness of environmental degradation and the way we currently treat non-human animals. Publicizing this information will make for a more enlightened Portuguese public that will think twice about their consumer habits.

In September 2022, SOS Animal Portugal gave us an update about their project. They wrote:

Thanks to CAF’s grant, SOS Animal was able to begin production on our TV and social media series, SOS Planeta, ahead of schedule! We originally planned to take three months to film, direct, and edit all contents of all the episodes before releasing any on the Portuguese TV channel SIC and on our social media pages. As a result of receiving this grant, in addition to one that came soon after from VegFund, we were able to begin filming, directing, and editing the first 15 episodes of the series, half of which have already been broadcasted on SIC and its sister channels (SIC Mulher, SIC Radical, and SIC Internacional). We also originally planned to release one new episode every day. After further analysis, we realized that it would be more effective to release one new episode each week, with it repeating throughout the week on those above-mentioned channels. By showing the content multiple times throughout the week, we are ensuring that as many people as possible receive our message; for those who are watching our episodes multiple times during the week, we believe that the message will better stick with them (which wouldn’t be the case if they only saw the short episodes once). We are looking forward to releasing the rest of the fifteen initial episodes that we have created thus far and working on the remaining episodes of the series. Below, you can see one of the episodes that has already been broadcasted on SIC, in Portugal and abroad, with English subtitles added so that you can get an idea of what our episodes are like. We have also given your foundation credit at the end of each episode for funding us. Us at SOS Animal could not be more grateful to Culture & Animals Foundation for helping us get this series out there. We look forward to releasing more content and changing mentalities to becoming more sustainable and conscious of the other creatures we share our Earth with. Thank you!