Tereza Vandrovcová & Zdenek Joukl

Research, 2023, Grantee Link >

CAF awarded Tereza Vandrovcová and Zdenek Joukl a grant for their research project involving the study of bias against meat alternatives, highlighting the prejudice that many people have towards vegan foods. This is sometimes the case where non-vegans refrain from food they would have been open to eating when they are unaware it is vegan! Although Tereza has already conducted a small-scale version of this study, this more extensive survey draws more attention to the psychology/sociology of eating animals and its study, and provides valuable insights into how or why some resist change.

Tereza and Zdenek conducted their study with approximately two hundred participants who sampled three plant-based products. Half of the participants were informed in advance that the products were vegan, allowing Tereza and Zdenek to research bias against plant-based meat alternatives further.

Tereza received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Charles University, Prague, and currently teaches at Charles Univesity and the University of New York in Prague, where she lectures in Social Psychology, Sociology and Animals in Human Society. Tereza is the co-founder of an online vegan guide, and an activist for Humanimal in the Czech Republic. Zdenek Joukl Studied General Linguistics and Theory of Communication at Palacký University in the Czech Republic.