Toh Bright

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Toh Bright is a Cameroonian artist who received a CAF grant to work with the Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) to create “Art4Nature: Hand-painted Endangered Species Mural Project.” The main piece of this project is the repainting of the Centre’s entrance to picture the rich biodiversity of the south-west region of Cameroon, highlighting the critically endangered Cross river gorilla, the endangered Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, the endangered Preuss’s monkey and many other emblematic species. LWC writes:

Through the project, we aim at enforcing the mission of the LWC, by sensitizing the visitors to the natural wonders of Cameroon and keep promoting our Art 4 Nature concept, reconnecting People with Nature and Culture. The project combines aesthetics with conservation, to attract the attention of the public, stimulate an emotional response and encourage a positive change of attitude towards wildlife protection and conservation.

After delays caused by COVID and some governmental interference, Toh Bright began working on his project in summer 2022. Art from the mural is featured below.