Kat Lyons’ Surreal Take on Animal Farming

Kat Lyons: Earthward Love

Thirty-year-old Kentucky-born artist Kat Lyons caused a sensation in London earlier this year with a sold-out exhibition of her visceral and surreal paintings of animals’ bodies. As profiled in artnet.com, Kat says, “I’m interested in how we relate to animals as both physical and symbolic capital and how those relationships shape their world.”

She continues, “To emphasize the magnitude of human alteration—the meat industrial complex, mass deforestation, large-scale use of pesticides—there needs to be a simultaneous conversation about what is lost by those systems, placing focus on the spiritual essence or life stories of nonhuman beings.” You can see a video in the artnet.com article, view more of her artwork on Instagram, and check out the Pilar Corrias Gallery where Kat’s art is displayed. Image: Earthward Love (2021) by Kat Lyons