Anita Krajnc

Creativity, 2013, 2012, Grantee Link >

Anita Krajnc received two grants for documentary filmmaking, recording the experiences of pigs in the trucks at the arrive at the slaughterhouse in Toronto, Canada. One such video is featured here. The organization she helped start, Toronto Pig Save, has now become a worldwide movement. Anita was also the subject of a lawsuit in which, according to Wikipedia, she was “charged with criminal mischief for giving water to pigs in a slaughter truck on the way to Fearman’s Pork Inc. slaughterhouse, located in BurlingtonGreater Toronto Area. This incident occurred on June 22, 2015, and Krajnc was found not guilty on May 4, 2017.”

Anita was interviewed on the Our Hen House podcast (January 1, 2022). Listen to it here.