Chris Musina

Creativity, 2013, Grantee Link >

Chris Musina is an artist and sculptor whose work focuses on animal representation, unease with the human animal, as well as animal signs and stand-ins. Through his work on Mining Art History, Flemish still life, nature illustration, pet culture, hunting kitsch, and the like, Chris uses the filters of animal studies and post-humanities, digging in with both reverence and critique. Chris writes:

I received a grant that allowed me to make work for an art exhibit, and the work I made for that show ended up in multiple publications (“New American Paintings,” “Beautiful Decay”) and was subsequently shown in other venues. Since the grant year, among other things, I have spoken about this work at an Institute of Critical Animal Studies Conference, and taken a position as Assistant Professor of Painting & Drawing at the University of Mary Washington, both of which I attribute in part to my being a grantee. I credit my connection to the Culture & Animals Foundation for much of the growth in my work and career. You can see more of my work here.