Drew Robert Winter

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Drew Robert Winter works at the intersection of food, activism, ecology, and nonhuman animals, and his Ph.D dissertation concerned cultures of pork production and consumption in Denmark, investigating the cultural cohabitation of food traditions and concern for climate. He received two CAF grants: the first, in 2015, was to study animal liberation and the Left through a month-long mini-ethnography of Copenhagen’s Youth House, the commune of Christiania, and two animal rights nonprofits. The second, in 2021, was for a study entitled: “Danish mink cull: public health policy and implications for the global fur trade.” The project had two goals: to intervene in scholarly discussions in human-animal relations, and to explore opportunities for activist interventions into the fur industry on public health grounds. Drew writes:

The Danish mink cull demands in-depth study to understand the dynamics leading up to it for comparative analysis to evaluate the possibilities for public health (e.g. zoonoses like COVID-19 mutations) contracting/regulating industry. The fur industry—in particular its labor pool—is far less studies than in food agriculture; comparing and contrasting fur workers with meat workers adds nuance to social scientific study in agriculture, and informs policy and pressure campaigns.