Elizabeth Novogratz

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Elizabeth Novogratz is a writer, producer, and storyteller. She received a grant for “Species Unite Podcast: Creative Compassion.” Species Unite is a solution-focused not-for-profit media organization working to lessen animal suffering by sharing stories of the importance and significance of animals in the world and highlighting the importance of them to us. Species Unite publishes a free weekly podcast of in-depth interviews with leading figures in the areas of activism, journalism, technology, business, politics, and animal welfare as part of their efforts to change the narrative around veganism, spread empathy for non-human animals, and to demonstrate that the future of food will be both plant-based and cell-based. Elizabeth writes:

We believe that by hearing first-hand accounts of the issues facing animals, and then taking the next step to look at the images and videos captured by the artists we feature, our non-vegans listeners are more likely to adopt vegan lifestyles and vegetarians may feel motivated to make the final push to veganism. In addition to spreading awareness we hope to affect greater change by sharing petitions related to the podcast episodes and therefore motivate all of our listeners to transition from a passive audience to direct action activists for animals. Species Unite’s approach to veganism, which highlight vegans working across sectors allows us to play a critical role in changing the vegan narrative, from a one-dimensional stereotype, to a movement that includes people from all walks of life, with a variety of motivations, interests and beliefs. From athletes, to photojournalists, to nuclear scientists, to investment bankers, Species Unite is letting the world know that the vegan movement has space for everyone and all of these actors are equally important to the work we are doing to create a more just and equitable world for both humans and animals.

Elizabeth continues to actively maintain the podcast Species Unite, which she updates on a weekly basis. Her podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Podbean.