Elizabeth Novogratz

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Elizabeth Novogratz is a writer, producer, and storyteller. She received a grant for an episode of “Species Unite,” in the category “Creative Compassion,” featuring photojournalists Amy Jones and Paul Healey of Moving Animals.Species Unite” is a solution-focused not-for-profit media organization working to lessen animal suffering by sharing stories of the importance and significance of animals in the world and highlighting the importance of them to us. They publish a free weekly podcast of in-depth interviews with leading figures in the areas of activism, journalism, technology, business, politics, and animal welfare as part of their efforts to change the narrative around veganism, spread empathy for non-human animals, and to demonstrate that the future of food will be both plant-based and cell-based.

Species Unite has featured many other CAF grantees and associates since it began in 2018: Alexandra Horowitz, Joanna Anderson, Carrie Packwood Freeman, Allison Argo, Jo-Anne McArthur, and Anita Krajnc. Species Unite can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Podbean.