Our Hen House

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Jasmin Singer is the author of Always Too Much and Never Enough and the co-founder of Our Hen House. She writes:

Our Hen House received three grants that have each been crucially important to the development of Our Hen House as a media center for people who want to change the world for animals. During this time, we have grown the audience for our podcasts so that we have now reached over 1,500,000 total downloads. The feedback we receive from listeners assures us that the podcasts are a crucial force in informing a worldwide community of activists and soon-to-be activists. Our signature podcast, currently in its twelfth year of consecutive weekly episodes, has featured guests ranging from leaders of animal protection groups such as Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States and Ingrid Newkirk of PETA, to actresses Mayim Bialik and Emily Deschanel, to philosophers and authors, including, of course, Tom Regan, who provided us with one of our favorite and most moving interviews. The “Animal Law Podcast” is produced monthly and features attorneys litigating cases of significance to animals. Host Mariann Sullivan also teaches Animal Law at Columbia Law School and these conversations go into depth about the details of cases and their legal underpinnings. Our “Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan Podcast,” hosted by Jasmin Singer, is an entertaining way for people to learn to change their diets easily and deliciously. Although our current focus is on the podcasts, our library of videos, including those from two years as hosts of a television program produced in conjunction with Brooklyn Independent Media, serves as an important resource for those who are passionate about animals and want to learn more about the movement to change the world for animals.

In 2017, CAF staged the radio play Sanctuary by playwright, author, and publisher John Yunker, which was performed by members of Our Hen House. It’s available here. In 2021, Our Hen House recorded its 600th edition, and CAF NAVAB Fellow Mary Qiu interviewed Jasmin and Mariann about their achievement.