Jennifer Carrera

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Jennifer Carrera, formerly Jennifer Kelly, is currently a fixed-term Assistant Professor of Sociology at Michigan State University. She earned a Ph.D. in Sociology with Specializations in Animal Studies and Environmental Science & Policy from MSU in Spring 2015. She studies environmental sociology focusing on the relationship that humans have with the living world. With an interdisciplinary background, her scholarship and views on the nature society divide have embraced a holistic approach. As such, her interests have taken on an experiential dimension, that is, where nature and wildlife interface most vividly with humans. This is revealed in a broad range of areas from an individual’s encounter with the portrait of a wild animal, to exploring the role of experiential education that is centered on the student immersion into a natural environment, to the hunting of wildlife, a relationship that has been portrayed both as an act of love and kill. Jennifer applied for a CAF grant to continue her research.