Liz Pearse

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Animal Songs, for which CAF gave a grant, is a cross-country tour of works commissioned by singer Liz Pearse, all of which shine a spotlight on unexpected facets of our interaction with members of the animal kingdom. Works included are 3 Wombat Songs (inspired by the Victorian-era trend of importing wild animals as pets—in this case, the Rossetti family’s wombat Top), The Diver (a love paean to the most maligned of birds, the pigeon), and songs about penguins, manatees, goldfish, capybara, rabbits, and more. Liz writes:

The medium of song has a way of disarming an audience—allowing for deeper consideration of a subject. With this project, I aim to present beautifully written poetry and music that inspires a change in attitude towards certain members of the animal kingdom. We are all animals, and we all enjoy a rich inner life—but many animals don’t enjoy the autonomy and elevation that the human race generally affords itself. Through song, I want to explore why—and is that just?

Liz Pearse has a doctorate in musical arts from Bowling Green State University, and a master’s and bachelor’s of music and voice performance from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Liz enjoys work as a solo artist and as a chamber musician, and has performed all over North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Though solo performance and self-accompanying is a large part of her practice, she has performed with ensembles Quince and Damselfly Trio. When she’s not performing, Liz lives and teaches in Minnesota. Photo of Liz Pearse (with crab): Aleksandr Karjaka.

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