Kris “Risa” Candour

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Kris “Risa” Candour has been educating the public about nonhuman exploitation and the benefits of vegetarianism since she was sixteen. Her master’s thesis is titled “Health Marketing Strategies to Encourage African American New Yorkers to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables” (Milano Graduate School, New School University, 2006), and she wrote “The Black Vegan Woman: Her Strength and Her Duty” for Sistah Vegan, edited by A. Breeze Harper (Lantern, 2010). Risa is a singer-songwriter who operates a Reiki natural healing practice for humans and their animal companions in Vancouver, Canada. She is also anthologized in Speaking Up for Animals: An Anthology of Women’s Voices, edited by Lisa Kemmerer. CAF gave Risa a grant for her continuing presentations. She is also known as the musician Risa Branch.

Kris’s use of songs to heal humans and nonhuman animals is similar to Liz Pearse’s musical practice. The 2024 grantee sings animal-themed songs to deepen human consideration for our fellow animals.