Suzy González

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Suzy González is an artist, curator, writer, and zine-ster based in Yanaguana (a.k.a. San Antonio), Texas. Suzy received a grant for “Animations for Liberation,” a series of four new stop-animation educational videos that provide visuals to interviews with authors, scholars, and activists whose work focuses on intersectional veganism. Suzy writes:

I have created two painted animations in the series so far with Carol J. Adams [the first Tom Regan Memorial Lecturer, in 2o18] and lauren Ornelas [founder of the Food Empowerment Project]. I’m so excited to now have Breeze Harper [founder of the Sistah Vegan Project] on board for my next animation, which I hope to follow up with [2023 CAF grantee, author, publisher, and illustrator] Julia Feliz, [author and scholar] Aph Ko, and [activist and writer] Amy Quichiz. It’s important that the voices of vegans of color are given platforms to voice a commitment to anti-oppression for both non-human and human animals. Communities of color suffer from a range of diet-induced diseases due to systemic racism and a continued colonialism. I hope that this series spreads the word to communities of color, yes for the animals, but also for our human health and survival. It’s vital to make space for education to communities of color on veganism and plant-based nutrition to undo colonial violence and so that we may survive and thrive.

In this video interview, Suzy talks with CAF Navab Fellow Victoria Reshetnikov about her artistic vision, her commitment to food sovereignty and veganism, her love of public art, why she makes zines, and her animations of leaders in the animal advocacy movement. Suzy aims to complete the project by Fall 2023.