Helping Artists and Animals in Ukraine

Animals in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is not just devastating for the Ukrainian people, but also their animals. It has  threatened the country’s rich cultural heritage. However, help is at hand. The Frankenthaler Foundation is offering grants to support Ukrainian artists; the U.S-based A Well-Fed World is sponsoring local groups in Ukraine to provide vegan food and companion animal care for the internally displaced; and We Animals Media‘s photographers are demonstrating that many Ukrainians have an expansive view of family—as they flee their homes with their companion animals. In this image, Alexandra Vynnysta, her daughter, Diana, and their dog, Cherry, sit in the van that will evacuate the family from Lviv, Ukraine. Traveling with them is Alexandra’s son, Marka, their other dog, Muska, and a puppy they have rescued, who will be adopted when they arrive in Berlin, Germany. Photo: Thomas Machowicz / We Animals Media.