Episode 3 of Martin’s Act at 200 Audio Documentary Available

Episode 3 of CAF’s ongoing audio documentary on two hundred years of animal advocacy following 1822’s “Cruel Treatment of Cattle Act,” sponsored by the Irishman Richard “Humanity Dick” Martin, is now available. (Listen to episodes 1 here and 2 here.)

In this episode, we meet two more of the founders of the first Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA): Rev. Arthur Broome, who ended up in prison; and Lewis Gompertz, the only Jew and the only vegan among the founders, who was ultimately forced out. We learn of Mary Tealby, who started Battersea Dogs Home; Henry Bergh, who began the ASPCA; and the suffragist Frances Power Cobbe, who was the leading anti-vivisectionist of her day. The Martin’s Act at 200 audio documentary is part of chart2050, a project to inspire communities around the world to develop their own “Animals Charter” by 2050.