Karol Orzechowski

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Karol Orzechowski is a Canadian photographer and videographer. He writes:

I received a grant for my project documenting and critically engaging with rodeo culture in Canada. The funding allowed me to complete the project—which was also the thesis project for my Master’s degree—and funded the mounting of one photo exhibit and one multimedia photo and audio exhibit in 2011 and 2012, in Toronto and Peterborough, Ontario. Since then, in my animal/arts related work, I released the feature anti-vivisection documentary Maximum Tolerated Dose, and toured with it on four continents; I contributed video footage and editing work to various animal rights investigations in North America and Europe; and I became the Content Director for Faunalytics, where one of my major responsibilities has been overseeing and designing the Faunalytics Fundamentals series, which currently includes Farmed Animals and Research Animals.