CAF Announces Its 2023 Grants

CAF 2023 Grantees

We at the Culture & Animals Foundation are delighted to announce our 2023 grantees. The image represents only a few of the folks who’ve received a grant for their scholarship and artistry on behalf of animals. Click here to view them all!

So, what’s everyone doing? Namita Kandel and Gustavo Sanchez Lopez are, respectively, bringing theater to communities to advocate for vultures in Nepal and possums in Colombia. Sandra Jackson-Opoku and Nadja Lubiw-Hazard are writing children’s books to protect manatees and mink respectively, and Kittie Mae Morris is dancing to save the dolphins. Scholars Victoria Simpson, Tereza Vandrovcova, Zdenek Joukl, and the Pickering brothers (via a documentary film), are trying to understand resistance to animal rights and vegan messages. Shannon Johnstone and Jane Casteline are designing animal rights billboards in Duplin County, North Carolina, center of the state’s hog-farming CAFOs.

Photographers Selene Magnolia and Patrick Lopez Jaimes are revealing life in the shadow of industrial animal agriculture—Selene in Europe; Patrick in Mexico. Artist Marta Bogdanska is exploring animal resistance in Poland, while filmmaker Forest McClymonds, street artist praxis vgz, and Ukrainian vegan activist  Tamara Ryzhenko are showing the inherent cruelty of dairy production. Filmakers Jusep Moreno and Allison Argo are, respectively, focusing on bullfighting in Catalonia and documenting the building of a refuge for cows designed explicitly for their needs.

Marina Rosa is studying animals in the Brazilian constitution, while Marcia Truyenque is producing a course on animal law in Peru. Samantha Derrick is videoing plant-based pathmakers in Mexico and Latin America, and Jes Hooper is uncovering the grubby arrangements of the coffee civet cat and tourism industries.

Scholar Rebecca Shen is mapping animal pathways in Singapore; Jason Møller and his fellow activists are plastering Denmark with pro–animal rights messages; Amedeo Policante is examining the rewilding of the Italian alps; Emily Stone is querying prejudices among veterinarians over pets’ plant-food diets; and Kay Stepkin is filming events at Chicago’s Vegan Museum.

Last but not least are the curators: Ashley Capps and Allison Titus‘ volume of poetry; Sangamithra Iyer‘s website for writers centering the animal;  Elizabeth Tavella and Eva Spiegelhofer’s website promoting animal studies; Jennifer Calkins‘ gathering of artists to mourn and celebrate species that have been listed as extinct this year; VINE Sanctuary‘s scholarship in residence; and publisher and artist Julia Feliz‘s resources for marginalized vegan activists.\